For Immediate Release
Dec. 30, 2016

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El Capitan Precious Metals Ends 2016 Poised for Pilot-Plant Production
and Mine-Site Right-of-Way Resolution in the New Year

Scottsdale, Arizona – El Capitan Precious Metals, Inc., (OTC/QB: ECPN) announced today that it has completed several objectives that will poise the Company for production, sales, and anticipated profitability early in the new year. Key initiatives have included continued engagement with the U.S. Forest Service related to conditions of Right of Way use and the proactive shipment of ore to China for a quality check of the new pilot plant processing equipment.

In related news, the Company announced that its pilot ore-processing plant is expected to be in full production as soon as the new equipment arrives on site and is operational. The Company has in hand the manifest for the shipping of the machine, on December 31, 2016, and it is expected to arrive in the United
States in the third week of January where it must clear Customs prior to delivery to the plant site. Plumbing and wiring for the installation will begin next week.

The Company anticipates that the equipment will be operational within weeks of installation at the plant site and full production is expected to be realized thereafter.

In preparation for processing a saleable ore product, the Company shipped 20 tons of highly refined El Capitan concentrates to China to verify the effectiveness of the new processing equipment. It was management’s decision to use concentrates for this purpose to assure that, when the machine arrived, it
would be ready to produce saleable product.

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