Business Updates — June 2024

from ECPN Board Chairman Doug Sanders

June 18, 2024

“We haven’t come this far… only to get this far.”

ECPN Board Chairman Doug Sanders

ECPN Board Chairman Doug Sanders

“No news,” it’s said, “is good news.” And in our case… no news (since our last Business Update) is good news, in that we continue to press forward on several fronts but have nothing new we can report.


I have come to realize that the world of finance is a big and complicated one that plays out on the world stage…  and there has been a lot to learn. I never anticipated the number of steps that would be necessary when I took all of this on. But have no fear — I’m committed to getting results and will stay the course.


I am in touch with several shareholders and they have expressed their frustration at what must appear to be delays in reporting news and updates. Trust me: I share those frustrations and my patience is tested daily. I have come to believe that patience and tenacity will win the day when it comes to the future of El Capitan. As I’ve stated in previous Business Updates: I remain optimistic and confident about our path forward and that’s based upon the fact that we have multiple “plays” in the pipeline — any one of which could generate the funds we need to get into business.


We have accomplished a few new things… just to keep our heads above water and stay as much in ‘compliance’ as possible. We have a small reserve from shareholder contributions and from those reserves I’ve pulled money to cover:

  • the annual renewal of our registration to keep us current with the OTC… the agency that regulates the over-the-counter market, where securities trade via a broker-dealer network versus a centralized stock exchange like the New York Stock Exchange.
  • the monthly fees to our Transfer Agent.

We have connected quite a few shareholders with our new Stock Transfer Company and continue the complex process of transferring all of our shareholder files and filings to the new company. This important process is more tedious than anticipated, which confirms that our decision to make the switch was a sound one.


I continue to be grateful for the trust and confidence you have all placed in me. I receive many well wishes from shareholders and respond with the same prudent replies that I share with all shareholders and those who visit our website. By now you all know my position: I report only what has actually transpired… our actions and our accomplishments.


I continue to keep thinking gold… and hope you all will do the same. As Paul Harvey used to say: “Stay tuned for more.  …” We will issue another Business Update as soon as we have news to share.


Your El Capitan,


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